At-one in Real-time

The Confession App for iPhoneIt is no secret that we live in an age that is clothed by immediate-gratification. From drive-thru family dinners to iPhones and from Netflix to Twitter, our society has come to expect the immediate. For instance, Twitter is built on the cornerstone of real-time interaction. However, everything cannot exist in real-time. Or can it?

I grew up in a church where “He’s An On-Time God” was an every Sunday sort of song. It was a comforting weekly reminder that even when things don’t happen when we expect them to, it’s okay because God will always come through on-time. As the years have passed this has become more accurate. As the expectation of receiving information in real-time has transferred from sports scores via text messages to confessions via iPhones, we must ask if God’s idea of an on-time relationship is also a real-time relationship.

The Roman Catholic Church endorsed the Confession App for iPhones released during the first week of February to help the faithful track their sins between confessions. As Doug Gross of CNN states, “Bless me Father, for I have sinned. It has been 300 tweets since my last confession.” Although this statement is the epitome of my initial reaction to the idea of the Confession App, the designers of the app did take the millennial lifestyle into serious consideration. The app does not replace the act of Confession but it can eliminate giving poor confessions or wasting time during confession.

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